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Istanbul Events and Festivals

Istanbul hosts many events and festivals throughout the year. While planning a holiday in Istanbul, you can make your holiday more enjoyable by following what you see in the city and its festivals. Here are some important events and festivals taking place in Istanbul


istanbul Events and Festivals
  1. Istanbul Biennial: Held every two years, the Istanbul Biennial is an important event where world-renowned artists exhibit their works.
  2. Istanbul Jazz Festival: Organized every July, Istanbul Jazz Festival hosts world-renowned jazz artists in Istanbul.
  3. Istanbul Film Festival: The Istanbul Film Festival, where the April story is held every year, is one of the biggest film festivals in Turkey.
  4. Istanbul International Theater Festival: The annual festival hosts world-class theater groups in Istanbul.
  5. Istanbul International Music Festival: Organized in the tradition of June every year, the festival brings world-renowned musicians together in Istanbul.
  6. Istanbul Literature Festival: Held every November, the festival hosts world-renowned writers in Istanbul.
  7. Istanbul Marathon: Every November, the Istanbul Marathon draws millions of runners around the world to the streets of Istanbul.
  8. Istanbul New Year Celebrations: The Istanbul New Year Celebrations, which take place every year on the night of December 31, is one of the biggest celebrations in the city.

These and similar events taking place in Istanbul are just a few examples of the cultural, artistic and social activities you can experience in the city. While planning your holiday, you get rid of an unforgettable Istanbul experience by following what you see.

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