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Istanbul Events and Festivals

Istanbul hosts many events and festivals throughout the year. While planning a holiday in Istanbul, you can make your holiday more enjoyable by following what you see in the city and its festivals. Here are some important events and festivals taking place in Istanbul   Istanbul Biennial: Held every two years, the Istanbul Biennial is […]

Vacation in Istanbul

It is one of the largest communities in Turkey and is defined worldwide with its historical texture, cultural structure and rich cuisine. There are a few important points that those who want to visit Istanbul should know Accommodation: There is a wide range of accommodation options in Istanbul. There are many different accommodation options in […]

What to eat in Istanbul

Istanbul is one of the largest communities in Turkey and has been under the influence of many contents since its time as the capital of the Ottoman Empire. Therefore, there are many different flavors and types of food in the city. Here are some flavors you can taste in Istanbul: Istanbul doner kebab: Doner kebab, […]

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